Friday's Letters

Dear Little Brother
, I canNOT believe you leave for college in the morning. Un-freaking-believable. The fact that you are the same age as the freshman on my campus really weirds me out [like, really really]. Proud of you, though! Dear iPhone, Thank you for coming into my life! #addicted Dear Indiana Weather, Ummm. Are you going through "the change?" You are acting quite strange and these hot flashes would be considerably more pleasant with a dash of rain now and then. 
Dear New "Follow Me" Buttons, I am intensely in love with you. Seriously the cutest little things. Dear EvolverRaw Foods, I came. I saw. I did not conquer. I don't think you are for me, but I applaud those who do it! Definitely a good reminder to be more conscious of food choices! Dear Half a Bag of Doritos I Ate Last Night, Please see previous letter. I love you, but you gotta go. Dear MacKenzie, I'm thoroughly enjoying our new blogmance! ♥ Dear Weekend, Can we try the relaxation tactic this time? You are just always so stinking fun. My pillows are beginning to forget the way my hair smells, though, so maybe we could work on that this time around? 

Ever and Always,

Your Plucky Picaroon


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