Our Time is Short

Do you ever have those moments when you're listening to a cheesy radio song you've heard a million times and suddenly a phrase pops out and smacks you in the face? 
For me today, that song happened to be "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. I could sing it in my sleep from the number of times it has blasted through radio speakers at me, especially that first summer it came out.

Driving into work today, I happened to catch this song from beginning to end. It's one that I have always dismissed as a "cheesy love song" and kind of zone out when it comes to the lyrics.

However, today ::our time is short:: hit me like a ton of bricks.
The truth of that sentiment is weighing on my mind and my heart.

{::}One week from tomorrow, I'll be crossing the ocean blue and touching down in the land of accents and day drinking and men in really tight pants who wear scarves and carry man purses. ONE WEEK. That seems impossible.

{::}It has been nearly a week since my boss was admitted into the hospital. I had no idea how serious this would be a few short days ago. His Facebook wall is blowing up like a memorial service. I want to shout at them, "No! He's going to be fine! Quit talking about him like that." but of course I don't. He's become a mentor and definitely an advisor on all things life-related since I moved to this city. He's counseled me through break ups and make ups and money troubles and ... well, just about everything. I'm going to need for him to get better really soon.

{::}It's been 4 months since the official, very last time, break up with the first boy I fell in love with. And time has been so short. It's like it was yesterday that he was here, but of course it wasn't yesterday. Not really. In this case, I wish the time felt longer and I felt stronger and less emotional and totally healed from it all. ... Maybe another 4 months will do the trick.

"Time flies," people say glibly when you mention that we're almost halfway to Christmas again. "Time flies when you're having fun," they say sarcastically or enthusiastically, depending on their moods that day or if you happen to catch them on this side of lunch. It's a bit of a joke usually. However, our time spent is nothing to sneeze at. We only get so much of it, and when ours is up -- That's it. No second chances.

Let's be a bit more intentional with a our time today, yeah? It's short anyway. It shouldn't take a whole lot of concentration. Cinco de Mayo 2012 will never come back around again, so

please don't complicate. don't hesitate. this is our fate. it cannot wait.

Ever yours,


Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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