Land of Ire

Quigley's Point, Northeast Coast
of Ireland, Co. Donegal

We are here!

We are closing out day 2 of full-on European fun. Slightly sleepy. Plenty of time in the car.
Our stay in Carndonagh was pretty much the most amazing thing ever. We have been taking pictures, video blogging, and Leslie is keeping a handwritten journal [and now I'm cyber blogging]. Yikes! Most documented vacation
of.all.time. :)

If at any time, we come across another sheep or chicken in the road, we'll be stopping to get a quick pic. It's all part of the authentic Irish experience.

Our hostel tonight is over a bar. So very Irish, no? 
And tomorrow, we visit castles. That's right. I said castles! After the castles in the morning, we then head back up to Dublin. Our whirlwind tour looks a little something like this. So far, the people have been so incredibly welcoming. Christy's family was so sweet [his grandma brought us homemade scones straight from the oven for our travels!]. 
Helen & Sally
Christy's Mother & Grandmother
Wonderful hosts and excellent scone makers!

A super nice man in a bistro in Tipperary fed us dinner at a quarter til 9p, even though he actually was supposed to close down at 5p. The fact that he's married to an American girl probably helped our cause. ;) As far as I've seen, there hasn't been a single unfriendly face in this green, majestic place they call Ireland.

Now, we settle into our first hostel, check out the scene, and catch some good Z's.
Can't wait to see what happens next! It's already been quite an adventure.

Hugs and Love, Kiddos


We knew Ireland was known for its greenness, so when we kept coming across brilliant
yellow fields 
of flowers, we knew we had to ask, "What is it?" Turns out it's called Rape, a
wildflower that is used for its 
oil-seed. Is your breath taken away yet? /le sigh
[best part: this is only day two!]

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