I'm No Expert [But]

....if the office coffee pot is empty, make a new pot. Everybody at the office loves their morning coffee fix. Suddenly, you're the girl who's batting 1000. Also, execs and VPs drink a lot of coffee. Odds are you'll bump into them on a coffee run. You'll probably end up with a nice, semi-casual rapport. You'll be seen as a person with initiative and a willingness to do what needs to be done. All from taking 35 seconds out of your day to brew a pot of coffee. Voila.
[not to mention, it's the right thing to do -- remember the "if it's empty, fill it" mentality your mama taught you?]

...it's probably best to refrain from being a self-proclaimed "nice person." At some point, you're going to be angry or frustrated or unintentionally offensive. Everyone you've told about how nice and caring you are now has a lot of ammunition and will relish the chance to prove you wrong. I say this not to fault the others [human nature] but to help you out. Let your actions speak for you. It's safer [and a more accurate portrayal of you].

...Nicki Minaj should get some kind of lifetime achievement award for blessing us with her stunner, "Super Bass." It's exactly what a new crush sounds like. It's the perfect workout song. You can dance to it, sing to it, rap to it. It even sounds pretty decent with radio edits. #perfection

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