I'm no expert but... [ii]

... some rules really are made to be broken. Procedures are put in place to give us a reference and a guideline for how to be consistent and effective. However, when something pops up that exists outside of those guidelines, our common sense is capable of substituting a viable alternative. Maybe it's not so much about breaking the rules as recognizing that there are some things for which there are no rules yet.

... there is nothing that compares to family. We spend a lot of time trying to be patient or kind to people in our daily lives that we will never see again. We save smiles for people in the grocery line or at the coffee shop, and grumble and gripe to/about our families. They are frustrating, uncoordinated, dysfunctional, and share way too much information about bodily functions. However you define "family," yours is yours -- forever. You will never be rid of them and they will always, always have your back [even when they know you're wrong]. We could probably do a bit more in honor and recognition of that greatness, don't you think?

... timing is never [or hardly ever] right. You will never have enough money, enough time, enough motivation, enough PTO, enough patience, enough lessons, etc. to do that thing you want to do. Unexpected bills will pop up. You'll get dumped. You'll get promoted at work and make better money but have considerably less free time. You'll begin making preparations and they won't go as planned. If you keep waiting for the perfect time, you will never do it. Ever. 

... I saw my first lightning bug of the year today. Scientifically speaking, I believe that means Summer has arrived.

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