Going to the Chapel?

Elizabeth and Andy
One of the first people I bonded with when I came to work at Riley was Elizabeth -- "You're both tall, young, and she's kind of new too!" and we were introduced. That was nearly 3 years ago! Chatting with my beautiful friend recently, the subject of her pending nuptials caught my particular attention. I just had to share!
Sarah: I can't wait to hear about the wedding planning! 
Elizabeth: I can't WAIT to show you some things!
Sarah: Yay! 
Elizabeth: And you being you... I think you'll like our venue! The Central Library.   
Sarah: PERFECT! That's awesome!!
Elizabeth: Haha- that's for all girls that dreamed of Belle's personal library - not growing Rapunzel-esque blonde locks or living in Cinderella's castle.
Sarah: I just got goose bumps, Jacques. Goose bumps.
Elizabeth: All I wanted was a rolling ladder!  
A woman after my own heart.
Andy is a lucky, lucky man.

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She is my hero. I've never been the type to plan my future wedding, but I just might be inspired to start. .... Erm, okay. Maybe not.
But this is definitely the stuff [bookworm] dreams are made of!

Congratulations, my friend! Your wedding day, like you, will be stunning.

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