For You, From Me

If all has gone according to plan, I am landing in Dublin right now.
In case you're thinking, "What is this girl going on and on about? People travel all the time. It's just a trip." 
Umm, you're wrong. This is not just a trip. It's a dream come true for this small town girl.
Many conversations with a wonderful mentor of mine (who also happens to be my boss, who is hopefully home and recovering by now) have distinguished a big concept for me:

trying to do something vs. committing to do something

We often say, "I'm trying," when faced with obstacles, goals, or dreams in our lives and it usually means, "Things are not going well, I'm afraid, but it would be really nice if they worked out."

Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE fan of trying. It's kind of the point, I think. Like, the whole point to Life, that is -- learning, trying, working through, and figuring out. I am not knocking trying.
I am, however, advocating committing. [Ugh. I swear, I mean that in the most noncommittal way] That is to say, it is only because I committed to going on this trip that I am actually going. The money troubles and other obstacles in my way would have stopped any plans of mine that I was merely trying for. So... Commit! [ish] Good things happen, it seems.

Back to where I started this post -- 
I do love and miss you all. That is to say, I will. [give me a break. we just landed] I hope to find a way to post a few pics and updates, but if not, I'll catch you all on the flip side. Thank you for the kind words and thoughts and positivity that are supporting our excursions this week! 
[see how cool I can be now that my brain is almost fully developed? Yay #25. haha]

Love you, Lights of my Life.


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