Boy Meets Girl

Tonight, Animal Planet meets the Discovery Channel is happening in our living room.
My roommate and I are cat-sitting for a few days for some friends, and they happen to have a girl cat. Ralph is enthralled.
At first, they hissed and growled and batted the air. We mostly kept them apart. Tonight, we were all feeling frisky, I guess, because we decided to see what might actually happen if they were free to roam.
Turns out, Ralph [who is usually quite territorial and confrontational] is in love. He has been following Mozzy around all evening, making throaty jungle sounds and basically acting as her little shadow. Every time her tale twitches, Ralph jumps like he's been stung. He has chased her around the TV and behind the sofa. She just growls low in her throat and keeps her back to him.
I, for one, feel like I'm learning a great deal about nature and the natural order of things.

Note to Self: Just keep him behind you, enjoying the view, but close enough to swat if you need to. Got it. :)

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