Under the Sea

Alright. This is it. It's been a long, hard haul these past 40-ish days and now we've come to the big finale!
We've explored Greece and Paris, taken hot air balloon rides, learned to bake and sew, and changed the face of fashion forever (hooray for tall girl sizes!). And now, it comes to an end.
I didn't really have a big dream in mind as the one to top it all off.
I am afraid this could be a bit of a let down. But then again, maybe not.
As you know, I dream of the beach. I want to sail and be tan and eat lobster all day long.
This is because, secretly, I really really want to be a mermaid.
Like, really bad.

I have had a girlcrush on Ariel since I was 5 years old.

I would float on my back in the pool and swish my hair back and forth so that my tresses would flow and wave just like Ariel's. I would press my ankles together and flap my "fin," though this often result in more sinking than swimming.

I was in love with Prince Eric. I mean... The dark shaggy hair, the tan skin, the big bright eyes? What's not to love? At the grocery store, I would chat with the lobsters in the deli tanks, making small talk about life under the sea. They were not impressed.

So, that's that. In all of my 40 Days of Dreaming, we end the season with this -- be a mermaid.

Feel free to relive all 40 dreams, or add a few of your own! I would love to see what you're dreaming about. So, until next time, sleep tight my daring dreamers! 

I know it is more traditional to "give up" something during Lent. I guess you could say I'll be "giving up" reality for just a little bit. The next 40 days (and posts) are dedicated to dreams. 
So we're giving up limitations, fear, uncertainty.... and allowing ourselves to dream no matter how wild or crazy or out-of-this-world that dream might be! 
40 Days of Dreams 

Day 20: Learn a new language.
Day 21: Make a difference.
Day 22: Trace my ancestry.
Day 23: Go Greek.
Day 24: Discover something.
Day 25: Visit Ireland.
Day 26: Throw a singles party.
Day 27: Go ghost hunting.
Day 28: Learn to ballroom dance.
Day 29: Get a professional massage.
Day 30: Go back in time.
Day 31: Satisfy my sweet tooth.
Day 32: Take a cruise.
Day 33: Conduct an interview.
Day 34: Attend an awards show.
Day 35: Finish school (for a while).
Day 36: Teach boys a lesson.
Day 37: Go to lunch with Zooey, Ingrid, and Sara B.
Day 38: Spend my birthday in Paris.
Day 39: Wear dresses every day for a year.
Day 40: Be a mermaid.

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