Strange Days and Awkward Times

So, you may or may not know that I have sworn to be completely unaffected intellectually [on a personal level] by my graduate program. Yep. You read it right. I found myself thinking that it was pretentious and irritating to be looking up and sharing articles about philanthropy, corporate giving, and job hunting in the sector, or carrying on about social media trends in nonprofits. Eww, right?


I am a fiend!

I keep finding myself getting swept away into this world of giving, charity, corporate responsibility, job hunting tips and tricks, etc. It is fascinating! Well, not all of it is fascinating. And I don't spend my days off feeding baby dolphins as a volunteer (though if I could do that, I totally would. Who wouldn't?!). I'm fairly certain I don't have a "save the world" complex like so many Miss America candidates out there.

But I am getting really excited about the sector as a professional. Exploring positions and considering options, knowing just enough to be familiar with topics trending in hot philanthropic debates (oxymoron). I started following a Nonprofit Jobs blog with lots of good insights into the applying/interviewing/hiring process, and have signed up for job updates via email in various cities of interest. This morning, I joined the Levo League and they give you your very own virtual corner office! How cool is that?! It seems like a great project so far and I'm excited to see what comes of it.

I have a portfolio to submit today, and  one last Reading Response to finish up for History tomorrow. Then, 2 research papers and 2 presentations and I am done! [for the semester]
I might be the only person out there who actually gets way more overwhelmed when the end is in sight. I get so excited for what is waiting on the other side that I am grumpy and discontented with all the work left on this side of the fence. 

That being said, I'll admit that I have been somewhat sucked in. I am really enjoying my Culture and Philanthropy research with rural nonprofits in my hometown. History, though a bit rough around the edges this semester, is still my first love and I can't help but enjoy the little tidbits discovered here and there (Lowell Mills Girls were b.a.). Grant Writing, all I can say is Thank You for being a 12 week class. Small and mighty.

All in all, I guess, not a bad end to the semester. Here's looking to Summer, though. I need a hot day and a cold drink by the pool to top off all of this madness. 

Pip pip, loves!

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