Stick a Fork in Me

Done. That's my sincere hope. That it's finally, finally done. This semester, I mean.
Tomorrow's schedule is super packed.
{::}Sleep in.
{::}Catch up on New Girl episodes. So behind.
{::}Finish The Handmaid's Tale.
{::}Ask Verizon for a SIM card to put in my new iPhone! [woot!]
{::}Maybe read another book.
{::}Paint my nails.
{::}Go to the Pacers vs. Magic basketball game. [free tickets, yo!]

I might even pull some weeds on the patio. I definitely need to do laundry. Ralph is quite starved for attention and Giorgio's bowl is in serious need of a cleaning. I also have the fourth season of Dexter that I haven't even touched since classes started this semester. I am beyond excited at the thought of only having to 
get up and go to work and then come home this week. 
That's it!
On an unrelated note, please keep my girls in your thoughts this week. So many emotions and life changes and stresses in the last 24 hours for so many of my closest friends. I love these ladies and it's awful to see them in such distress. Hang in there, loves. ♥
Now, off to read through my Frenchie's law paper [in English] and make sure she's still speaking l'anglais alright. In a few short weeks, I'll get to see the mademoiselle for the first time in years! Can't wait to grab drinks in a little Parisian restaurant with a real Parisian!

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