Setting a New Pace

Holy smokes, what a night!
I'll have to admit that I was feeling pretty sorry for myself earlier.
A donor at work was generous enough to provide us with tickets to tonight's playoff game, Pacers vs. Magic. I requested 3. It became apparent at about 5pm that I had no takers for my other 2 tickets.* Ugh. Not only would I be wasting 2 tickets that I requested, but I really wasn't feeling like flying solo at a Pacers game. [dilemma]
But I put on my big girl pants and decided to brave the unknown. I mean, how often do you get free tickets to things? So I grabbed my umbrella, parked at the Museum, and walked the 6 or 8 blocks to the fieldhouse.
At Will Call, I found got my tickets and discovered I was in Section 5, Row 2, Seat 11. This means nothing to me. Section 5 could be a back patio for all I know.
Turns out I was ONE ROW AWAY from court side. What?! I'm, of course, elated. There is even extra security down there. It's intense.
I sit myself in the middle of my 3 seats and feel like a total boob for being the cause of an empty section at these particular seats. I make friends with two gentlemen to my right, one of whom actually used to play for the Pacers! 

"I invited friends. No one could come. I didn't know until I got here where I would be sitting. It may have changed a few minds. So, we'll have to be friends, okay?" I explained. 
They were totally game. Turns out that they had friends (a son and his friend, actually) in another section and eventually asked if I would mind if they came to sit with us. I was elated again! Finally, I found people to take my seats!
At that point, I made friends with the people on my left explaining, "Their friends are on their way, so I'm about to have to sit right here next to you guys, okay? We're going to be really close." Turns out, they were super cool too! 
When the son and friend make their way to our row, they hand me a beer as a Thank You for the awesome seats. I graciously accept, but also am very clear that they are actually doing me a favor by taking them.
At half time, both sets of friends head toward The Locker Room Bar for mas cerveza. I tag along. Why not? It's better than sitting alone. 
Just before the start of the second half, a man and entourage walk past on the court. People start hooting and hollering. "That's David Stern," one of my new friends explains. "He's the Commissioner of the NBA. He basically owns / runs it all." 
"Cool! And I think the guy sitting in front of us might be an Orlando guy. He isn't really cheering for the Pacers," I say.
"Umm, he owns The Orlando Magic. So yeah, I'd say he's an Orlando guy," my new friend replies. 
"Oh, I see." 
The first half of the game was so-so, the second half got off to an intense start. People were fowling and cursing and busting their butts (though not rebounding much on the Pacers side of things). The Pacers got a good lead. 
I discover that my friends to the left hang out with people like Pierre Garcon and other local celebs and that I should totally hit them up next time I'm out downtown. Umm, okay. I guess if you're gonna twist my arm about it... [duh!]
After the game, both sets of friends were headed to Kilroy's but it was home and bedtime for this girl. I've just finished a bowl of chocolate cheerios and I can hear my pillows calling my name. Seriously. It's kind of creepy....
I learned such a valuable lesson tonight. I thought that it was going to be a total bust because I had no one to take. I thought that going alone would be the most awkward, socially scarring experience of my life. I thought I simply shouldn't go. But I did. And I am so glad.
Life surprises you sometimes, and tonight I'm riding that wonderful wave of surprise, letting it rock me into sleepy dream land. 
Well done, Universe. Well done.

Sweet dreams, kittens.


*Let me clarify. I invited a half dozen people, thinking that surely 2 would end up being able to go. Of those half dozen, 3 were up in the air about whether they could come. It wasn't apparent until 5pm that none of those people could go. At that point, I hurriedly texted a few people, but I knew it was a losing battle. So, if I didn't invite you, it's not because I didn't want to, it's because I was trying not to be a jerk and oversell my seats and have to turn somebody down. Okay, I feel better now. Carry on.

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