An Open Letter to the Gentlemen Dating My Friends

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Dear Sirs,

Thank you kindly for a taking a moment to read my little letter.
Kudos for finding a really great girl. And she is, isn't she? She's so pretty. Sometimes, she does her makeup this way or puts her hair up that way and she looks absolutely fabulous. Other times (my favorites) she is bumming it in sweat pants and a pony tail and stuffing her face with cheese puffs.
And she is hilarious, right? She's always cracking jokes and making you laugh at inappropriate times. Giving you "the eye" in public that causes you to have to fake a cough to cover a giggle. 
She has decent taste in music. Not every song is great, but then we all have our flaws.
She takes good care of herself and she's always interested in trying new recipes or workouts that further her goals of a healthy lifestyle (and a tighter tush). 
She's smart too. Have you ever tried to argue with this woman? Nearly impossible to win. Might as well give up that ghost, especially if it's something she is really passionate about.
Isn't it nice the way she loves her family? Always talking about her siblings or her grandma. She gets so excited to find them souvenirs on outings or makes mental notes to come back again ("My sister would love this. I'll have to bring her here sometime").
She has a big heart and beautiful smile and she makes a heck of a drink. 
And I completely understand why you love her, why you can't get enough of her, why you want to be around her as much as possible, why you monopolize her time, why you don't want to give anyone else the chance the step in and steal her away.

I get it.
I really do.

You see, I was here first. And I love all of those things about her too.
Imagine not seeing her all the time, not talking with her, not laughing until your belly hurts, not seeing her face turn beet red in anger, in embarrassment, or in exhaustion from a long run. Can you imagine that?
Because this is my life, now that you've come along, that is missing all of those things.
So, Boys. Men. Gentlemen of World -- Back off a little, okay?

I need my friend.
                                                                                         Warmest Regards,
                                                                                         Your Girlfriends' Best Friend 

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