One Year Ago Today

I posted this at Easter last year.
Occasionally we get a reminder that our lives are pretty
Emma, little cousin divine,
modeling my Easter fashions.
I had good jog yesterday after work, followed by a relaxing drive in the country down to BCizzle, and the Easter Bunny dropped off our baskets after dinner. Chocolate everywhere. 
My [grown] sister and I snuggled on a twin bunk bed, woke up to pancakes and hot coffee this morning, and sang some classic hymns at church. I even stole some snuggles with Baby Tori. She hasn't decided if she likes me or not, but she was already asleep so she couldn't resist my hugs and loves.
The pitch-in after church was ri.dic.u.lous. I had so much food and so much dessert and plenty of sweet tea. I wore the floppy hat Cassie gifted me with last weekend and it was a big hit with the young and young-at-heart!
Now, Nana is cooking up a storm for our family pitch-in dinner. I am in a pleasantly dazed state of food coma and probably about to take a quick nap before gearing up for egg hunts and chocolate covered kisses from the little ones.
I love this holiday. I love all holidays that I get to spend with my family.
I hope you are having an egg-cellent Easter as well!

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