Once Again

No "dreaming" today [so glad for those 6 extra days!]. I'm exhausted.
What an absolutely fabulous weekend though!
And tomorrow, I'm lecturing about James Whitcomb Riley at Central. I am quite legit, you know.
Goodnight, dear ones.
But first, a few pics for your perusal.

My Illinois Obesession -- Windmills! It's so nostalgic.

The Lovebirds ♥

Just one of the dudes.... and a creeper.

True Love

The Ice Cream Shack = most amazing Strawberry Shortcake Wizard
(aka blizzard) I've ever consumed.
And maybe a chili dog and a Diet Coke, but who's counting?

The Illinois River

Mama Goose sitting on her nest. She was fierce.

Last year on Spring Break, Cassie and I fell in love with
floppy beach hats. Before I got to Peoria this weekend,
she told me she had a surprise for me.... Baller, eh? :)
Peoria, I'll miss the girl I left behind with you, and you're not
so bad yourself, so I'll surely see you again really soon.


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