Keeping Time

Decide to save and close paper and try to sleep. Plan to finalize presentation points for Culture between work and class. Also plan to edit and finalize History paper, sort bibliography, complete abstract assignment, and otherwise prepare to submit on Wednesday.

Realize the fried state of brain. Continue to work on paper anyway. 


Begin to see light at end of paper tunnel.

Post 1963 university president sentiment, "Women should be educated so they can argue with their husbands." Have several friends "like" it. Hope they got the joke. Make shells and cheese with hot dog pieces for dinner. Save leftovers for work lunches.


Officially hit 15 pages, required minimum for History paper. Begin to believe that the end is possibly in sight.


Make popcorn. Change into sweatpants. Keep trucking along with History paper. Discover Equal Rights Amendment has never been ratified into Constitution: "Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged in the United States on account of sex." Mind blown. Text Emily Snapp and share this surprising news.

Start running tally blog post. Tune back into to History paper. If focus can be achieved, the end of the semester can almost be tasted.

Write and send follow up email to internship meeting. Check all social media outlets. Respond to other emails. Attempt to reset email capabilities on malfunctioning phone.

Head home. Stop at grocery for supplies -- Sour Patch Kids and soda. Arrive at home. Change out of panty hose.

Meet with potential internship supervisors. Love every minute of it. Get excited about prospect of finishing degree.

Fix hair. Apply makeup. Print off forms for internship meeting. Head that way.

Shower. Wave goodbye to Emily Snappy. Make turkey, egg, and cheese burrito for brunch. Sit back down with History paper.

Wake up! Make coffee. Annoy Emily Snapp with morning chatter. Tune into History paper.

Wake up to sounds of someone in the kitchen and then sounds of someone showering. Realize roommate is home from visiting family. Fall back asleep.

2 am
Call it a night. Hit the hay. Set alarm for 9am.

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