Hot Tools, Leading the Way

For Christmas, my roommate got a Hot Air Brush. It sat in the package in her room until about a week ago, when she unpacked it and set it straight down on the shelf. About 2 months ago, I cut my own bangs [gulp] and have been fortunate with successfully styling them. I have not had the guts to trim them though. It's like pushing your luck or something. Anyway, what I'm getting at is -- my bangs needed help. I fortuitously stumbled across this little guy in our beauty supplies and

These Hot Tools people have some super cute stuff! Don't take my word for it. Check it out for yourself!

In order to get your hands on Hot Tools products, you'll have to visit a beauty salon locally that carries the brand. They do have a Store Locator on the site to help with that process.

I'm not a huge hair-fixer person. I do a lot of air dry styling, pull it into a side braid usually, a few pony tails, and occasional cases of straightening. These are so cute, though! I might have to change my ways.

Back to the original story, my bangs are getting longer and stronger and I have been told by outside sources that, since the integration of the Hot Air Roller in my morning routine, 
my bangs are bangin'.

Happy Hair Days!

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