Finals Coping Strategies

With all of the projects, presentations, and papers breathing down our necks, perhaps some finals coping strategies are in order, eh?

Scary? Yes. Unnatural? Yes. Helpful? Absolutely. Take an hour, sign out of Facebook, Twitter, G-Chat, Blogger, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc., and simply focus on one thing. I don't care if it's a paper or something for work or a novel or painting your toenails. Do it. Do us all a favor.


Mom. Grandma. Baby sister. Boyfriend. Old friend. New friend. Take 10 minutes and talk with someone who is NOT a part of this high-stress world you find yourself in right now. This means that classmates, coworkers, and others of that nature do not make the cut for this one. The goal: Talk about anything but school.


Make a list of everything you have already accomplished this semester. Even better, remind yourself of all the things you've accomplished since you started this program. Even even better, keep in mind the steps you took to get you where you are today. You aren't in this demanding program because you are a slacker, because you are unmotivated, or because you have no hopes for your future. YOU are doing great things, so don't let pesky professors with their persnickety red pens get you down. Chin up, pretty one.


1 mile on the elliptical burns away that pent up energy [read: stress, anger, anxiety] that has been welling up inside you for the past couple of weeks. Besides, with all the thoughts whirring and buzzing around in your skull, you'll pass a mile in no time... and your bikini buns will thank you.


No explanation necessary. Just do it. I dare you to frown.


Lastly, maybe most importantly, just get it done. Quit putting it off. The dishes can wait. The laundry has been piled up for ages, so it can wait another day. Commit yourself to finishing some piece of that project today, and another piece tomorrow, and so on and so on and just get it done.

The End

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