A Few Randos

The mental decathlon is entering its final stretch and my brain is doing weird, wiggy things, resulting in an incredible batch of randomness. See below.

{::}I really, really miss summer camp. It's been several summers now since I spent those long weeks in Apache and Blackhawk cabins, followed the trail to the lake (Low Ridge, of course. High Ridge is only for punishing whiny campers), fed pigs and ducks in the small barn, and sang grace in the dining hall. I miss the smell of campfire. I miss the anticipation of a new bus full of campers arriving Sunday afternoon, and the anticipation of that same busload of kids finally leaving on Friday morning. I miss the terrible camper skits and the athletic field after dinner and rest hour. Oh, golly gee, do I ever miss rest hour. For the past two days, I have done nothing but reminisce, recalling songs, special days, and wonderful people. Memory lane is beautiful, sad but beautiful.


{::}A confession -- 

 i have a bit of an obsession with dish towels. seasonals are fun. patterns are neat. but blue and white checkers are my favorite. i have two drawers full of hand towels in the kitchen... and more in the linen closet.

{::}I am so pumped for our trip to Europe. We leave in just a few weeks!! Aaah! However, I have yet to secure passage from Paris back to Dublin to make my return flight home. I think this might mean I'll get stuck and have to stay there. Oops...

{::}Lately, I've had weird, inappropriate dreams about weird, inappropriate people. It is weird. And inappropriate.

{::}I got super duper PO-ed today in the matter of a second, and it was silly! I headed straight to campus from work and thought I'd do some last minute presentation prep in the classroom. One of the janitors popped her head in and asked if I was a student. I replied that I was, and she made me get off the computer! "The computer is for teachers only. You can use the computer lab." what?! I know, right? The smallest things. If she knew how close I am to the end of my rope, she probably would have just let this one slide. Do I recognize the pettiness of my reaction? Absolutely. Doesn't change it, though, and let me tell you, steam was shooting from my ears. [note that my grandma is a retired janitor and this is in no way a slam on the fine people who do janitorial work.]

{::}New iPhone is here! ....and charging. Bugger, as the Brits would say. The least they could do is charge the silly thing before it gets here, before I have to look but not touch. /le sigh

{::}The Top Tweeted Songs in Indy today were
3. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
2. Boyfriend by Justin Bieber
1. What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
I happened to catch the countdown on the way home from work on the radio. It occurred to me how embarrassing it would be to get pulled over while blasting any of these tracks, and yet cranked up the speakers anyway.

Is that random enough yet? No? Well, last night I was tweeting with fellow classmate @tayfrog. It took me until last night to realize that her Twitter pic was in fact two narwhals and not the knitting needles I had previously thought. Today, she shared this to ease my confusion... or intensify it. Not sure.

That's it, kittens. A peak into the few random thoughts that have managed to climb their way to the surface through the piles and layers of citations, thesis statements, and presentation points.
Hang in there! Only a few more days of craziness and then.... well, I'm thinking some [real] craziness is in order. This weekend could get hairy. I'll [as always] keep you posted. 

Love, Peace, and Commas.

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