The Dress Dare

Ahoy there, Plucky Piquettes! Welcome aboard!
[just now realizing how many sailing references I should be making as a picaroon]

My sister and I at Easter, in one of my
new favorite dresses! 
If you recall, as a part of the 40 Days of Dreams during Lent this year, I shared a dream that captured a lot of attention -
Day 39: Wear dresses everyday for a year.

That was nearly a month ago. This morning at work, I got a random text from a girl I've known since kindergarten.
Have u started ur year of dresses yet?? :) I think u should take a pic everyday of u in the dress, journal about what happens that day, and then write a book about your year in dresses... Oprah list and NY best seller... 
I can see it! :)

Challenge accepted.

And when this book goes platinum, you'll see a little note in the This book is dedicated to-- section. I think it's fair to say she knows me pretty well, eh?

Just one more reason that I absolutely, positively, without a doubt, not-an-option, must find myself living by the warm, sunny bay super soon. The day I move in, the challenge begins. Dreamy....


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  1. This would be SO fun. Weather-conducive, of course.
    xo Josie