Change Before You Have To

"If you don't like how things are, change it! You're not a tree." - Jim Rohn

I don't like the way things are. Well, I like the way somethings are. Others, not so much. 
I've been letting myself get carried away in the victimology of the whole thing, and allowing my behavior to reflect anything but my values, character, and principles.
Things I can't change:

{::}I'm emotional. 

{::}Life is hard. 

{::}I like to have my own way.

{::}I have a guilty conscience.

These are the facts and I accept them. However, what to do with those facts to make it a better story? To make it the sort of life I can look back on with pride and fondness?

I am emotional but I can choose how to funnel that energy. Getting all worked up over negative thoughts or feelings has the handy "equal and opposite" thing going for it. Instead of dwelling and weeping and succumbing to the crazy bad, I can get just as worked up and allow myself to be consumed with kindness and positive thinking and building on the crazy good aspects of life.

Life is always going to be hard. [and] Things don't always go your way. How to respond though? Take a step back, I guess, and consider the big picture. If it isn't easy but you make it work, then it's worthwhile even if it isn't going exactly as you would like at every moment of every day. 

The guilty conscience is alternately a great guide and terrible head trash. With the emotions, the challenges of life, and wanting myself to be a certain way [and falling short so often], I feel guilty a lot of the time. To fix this one, maybe I could start by remembering I'm already forgiven by the most important Forgiver of all. Next, I think I need to get a healthy perspective on how responsible I actually am in the situation. Involvement indicates some level of responsibility, but I tend to take on the whole lot of it in my conscience and any bit that isn't on the up-and-up becomes a fault of my own doing [in my head].

As a guide, feeling guilty definitely lets me know when I've crossed my own boundaries or recognize that I have let someone else down. Feeling guilty doesn't
fix that though. It's a good start. It's a call to action. But you can't change what you've done, only what you do next. Guess I need to find ways to use the wasted energy of wallowing as positive steps in a better direction.

Lots of pondering today, friends. 
Hope all is well with you! 


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