Busy Bee

There is an old adage that says, 
"If you want something done, ask a busy person."
This, dear ones, is truth. Also, this busy person is busy-ed out for the next week and a half.
I am currently holed up in the university library attempting to finalize some research for my Culture and Philanthropy project. Yes, that's right. Friday night. 5pm. I am at the library. And not for a pleasure cruise, either. It's a bit of an "ugh," with a "the end is in sight!" 
This place closes at 9, so if I work steadily until then, I will allow myself to eat and maybe enjoy a glass of wine when I get home. No more binges until these finals are over. I need my brain functioning at maximum capacity, which might actually be about 2/3 of our norm but hey. It's finals. You have to work with what you've got.
In non-finals news,

{::}I met with a Westminster after-school program leader (who I interned with last Spring) and I'm excited to work with them again as they plan their fundraising campaign for Walking for Dreams in June! 

{::}I have a potential internship meeting Monday afternoon, so I'll report back if things go well.

{::}I am mostly registered for Summer and Fall classes, and my advisor approved of my schedule yesterday afternoon so everything is on the up and up!

Museum currently produces a quarterly newsletter and I have the pleasure of collaborating with Communications to create this beautiful thing! This morning, we realized that we were behind schedule for the Summer edition. So I spent several intense hours compiling, editing, and drafting newsletter content and pictures and we were able to submit it to Communications right after lunch! Hooza! On time, bébé.

{::}Finally picked up a copy of
The Handmaid's Tale when I got to the library just now. Fingers crossed on that one being finished by book club next Sunday.

{::}The grant I worked with this semester was chosen for funding! I had a small role in it, but it's still really exciting! It was for [surprise surprise] funding for a school program at
Riley Hospital. Cool, huh?

{::}I still can't spell. It's a terrible affliction as an educated, literate person but it's the truth. My brain is a little too phonetic [which is a terrible word for what it means, if you think about it] and not nearly analytic enough to keep rules and exceptions straight at the drop of a hat. I think I might be stuck with it.

That's all for now. So much excitement, so little time!
For now, I must go try to focus while some band or other bangs and crashes its way through the quad and I, without any headphones.
Keep your eyes on the prize, plucky piquettes! 

Pip. Pip. Cheerio.

ps. As I was about to publish this post, a frazzled marketing major approached and asked if I could take 90 seconds to fill out his survey. I [of course] agreed. See? Ask the busy person. ;)

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