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I'll bet you've noticed that someone around here is a bit of a quote fiend. Quotes can have the same effect as music, I think -- someone saying exactly what you're feeling in a way you've never been able to express or someone saying exactly what you needed to hear that wouldn't have crossed your mind otherwise.
As I've mentioned before, The Quote Garden is my go-to spot for all things quotable. Birthday greetings, break-up cheer-up sessions with friends, and feelings of indecision all lead me to that handy dandy quote resource and the right words inevitably appear. Magic.
Because I am a quote addict, I also subscribe to a few e-newsletters that greet me in my inbox each morning. Each is motivational yet with a different approach and goal. 

To set the scene, here's a glimpse at my inbox this morning → 

As you can see, these 3 little nuggets come faithfully each day and each has something unique to offer.

The Daily Good

Each day The Daily Good shares
{::}a compelling, sweet, or otherwise notable picture or video,
{::}a quote relating to a theme,
{::}an inspirational tale,
{::}and an action step, "Be the Change."

So much easier to find inspiration in this world when it's brought so readily to your attention! Definitely spreading the good news!

Audri and Jim Lanford -- Your Inspirational Quote for [the]day

Audri and Jim are a husband 'n wife duo [if I'm not mistaken] who greet me each day with 
{::}an inspirational quote and
{::} a Did you know...

So many fun facts here! On major holidays, they'll say things like "Did you know that today, as well as being Mother's Day, is the 77th anniversary of [fill in the blank]."
If you are a nerd who loves history and learning and inspiration all rolled into one, this one is definitely for you!

K-LOVE's Encouraging Word

I confess that I am not nearly as into the Scriptures and my faith at this point in life as I have been in the past. Each day, though, I get these emails and read at least a teensy bit of Bible. In any case, they are good reminders. They keep some tiny part of my brain actively engaged in belief. I'm thankful for these each day.

Now, dear ones, I hope you're all living inspired Saturday mornings. If you know of any other good sources of inspiration, please let me know! I know I've been hounding on it, but these finals are killing me and little bit of light at the end of the tunnel is a welcome distraction in my book.

Lemon Drops & Gum Drops,


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