It's at this point in the semester that research papers, presentations, and other assignments become rather pressing. Also, with graduation looming in December, I'm in the prelim stages of job hunting. So naturally, I have been on the hunt for a simple yet cute To-Do List app to help me survive the next few weeks. I found a few that were very simple, and by that I mean not cute. This one, however, is perfect! Super user friendly, cute themes, and easy to use in a group project!

Step 1: Create a List

Step 2: Add Tasks

Step 3: Choose Strike Style

"Strike Through" (my personal fave)

"Completed List"

Step 4: Bookmark the link to your particular list (you can make as many separate lists as you like) and start getting stuff done!

If you've got a smartypants phone, you can find it free in the App Store.
In group projects, just share the link to your particular list and each of you can contribute by checking things off, and everyone stays up to speed on how the project is going.
Best of luck with your Spring projects, chickadees!

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