I realize that I am a posting fiend today. Apologies!
I'm just really excited.
Last night was so much fun! My roommate and I always have a  blast in BRipp. I un-hatted a man and checked for a bald spot, had my incredibly flat stomach complimented, and had delicious [complimentary] shots with Bartender Tony. I saw Monica, Adriana, and Vince! It was, overall, the bomb [dot] com.
Today has been excellent. It is b-e-a-utiful outside. Work has been mostly calm, with only a few tours today.
I'm in the final stages of my leg warmers! They're awfully cute. :)
Headed home after work to change clothes, snag Ralph, and hit the road toward BC.
I'm making a pit stop at the fire station to have a belated picnic lunch with Leslie, and then continuing on toward the homefront to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with my family!
Tomorrow, book club. :)
Next week, Leslie's birthday dinner is Tuesday, I have class [boo] Wednesday but I get to see OhSnappp[!], and then catching up with my long-last Yasmeen. Roommate bonds last forever, you know. I haven't seen that little buttercup in ages.
Okay, I think the caffeine rush is wearing off now, and I have to go help close up the museum, but I just had to take a minute to list all of the incredibly wonderful things about these next few days (and last night, of course).

Hope you're going green and finding leprechauns today! 
If anybody gets handsy tonight, don't get too excited. You probably just forgot to get your green on.

Ciao, bellas!

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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