Out for Leslie's birthday dinner tonight, some of the mutual exy's friends stopped by. Besides the outrageous compliments and flirtatious innuendo that makes these boys so fun, they legitimately warmed my heart tonight and I doubt they even realize it.
After dinner at 45 Degrees, we popped in next door at YoguLatte for dessert. We get in line, and then Josh leans over to me and whispers, "One of our friend's ex-girlfriends is here. It's really awkward." I thought he was being facetious so I say, "Well, I think you're handling it just fine." i.e. that is one way to describe me, you see ("one of our friend's ex-girlfriends"). But no. It was some girl who was ahead of us in line at the register. It was a completely thoughtless compliment and I think it means that much more because of it. ♥

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