It's in the Jeans!

Someday, when I have my dream job, I would love to get to wear jeans to work.
I want to be professional and make difference and all that, but I want to do it all while wearing jeans.
My current work wardrobe would change very little. I love sweaters, blouses, long-sleeved tops. 
In high school and college, I dreamed of wearing dress pants.
And now, I simply can't wait for the day when I can shed the dreaded things forever.
I think this means I want to have an active, creative, flexible job that involves lots of.... well, activity.
I suppose I could be a nanny or an artist or work in a garden.
Whatever it is, I believe it would be just lovely to get to be comfy all day in my favorite pair of blue jeans, even at work.

I know it is more traditional to "give up" something during Lent. I guess you could say I'll be "giving up" reality for just a little bit. The next 40 days (and posts) are dedicated to dreams. So we're giving up limitations, fear, uncertainty.... and allowing ourselves to dream no matter how wild or crazy or out-of-this-world that dream might be! 

40 Days of Dreams 

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