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Wow! 40 Days of Dreams is so much fun! I'm having such a great time with it, and I feel like I'm actually accomplishing something even though it's mostly just making plans. You may call that delusion. I prefer to see it as hopeful optimism.

That being said, let's talk about what I've really been up to for the past 11 days, shall we?
I still don't have a copy of my police report for the Renter's Insurance Claim. You better believe they are getting a nasty [read: mildly cordial instead of my usual overtly friendly] phone call on Monday.
I have 4 weeks left in my online Grant Writing class. Culture and Philanthropy met for the last time on Tuesday of last week. So, the rest of my semester is shaping up pretty well. Lots of research and writing to do, but it appears manageable thus far.
My shady neighbors moved out! HOLLA! They are officially gone. For good. I literally told them to "Have a nice life!" when I saw the moving truck in front of their place. No more drug deals. No more delinquents loitering on our front porch step at all hours of the day and night. No more contact highs from their frequent toking up on the patio. /sigh. So good....
I got an email from my Euro travel buddy to inform me that we have about half of our travel booked for our trip! This includes rental cars, hostel stays, inter-Europe flights, etc. She is seriously my hero. She's even keeping a three-ring binder with reservation numbers, maps, pricing, and sites to see. I have said it before, but it can't be said enough: she is the perfect co-captain to embark on this trip-taking adventure! I should start an official countdown, come to think of it...
I am so incredibly beyond poor now. This is the first full month of car payment, insurance payment, other bills, etc. and on top of all that, it turns out that I have to pay the full amount for the course-swap that took place at the beginning of the semester. What's another 500 bucks at this point, really? Bring it on, I guess.
I got a replacement Wii! Thank goodness for the Amazon Store Card. I've watched the first half of Downton Abbey. The first two episodes of The Tudors. Two more episodes of Breaking Bad and part of the Zach Galifianakis stand-up special. -- All since Monday. Making up for lost time, as they say.
I finally finished reading Speak and Farenheit 451 this week! I need to return them to the library so I can check out The Blue Castle, which is our next book club selection. I've also got A Separate Peace in queue.
In the midst of all that, I've found time to 
go to class, 
clean house, 
play with Ralph, 
get hit on, 
flirt back, 
cry a little, 
laugh a lot, 
drink (mostly) moderately, 
almost finish my leg warmers crochet project, 
take up jogging and working out (again),
learn to love the things Pinterest is doing for my blog readership and circulation, 
and help coordinate planning for a Matlock Family Saint Patrick's Day Celebration!

Whew. That's a long one. I hope that your March is off to a great start too! Cheers!

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