Please raise your hand if you like free, easy, simple-to-use, and incredibly handy tools for research.
Okay, you can all put your hands down now.
For work, school, personal use, or some combination of the three, chances are you are now [or will soon be] involved in some kind of research.
I'll also assume that you [like me] have had the bejabbers scared out of you by teachers and professors about kiss of death in the research/publishing business -- plagiarism.
You [like me] do not want that one on your record.
Credibility is everything in our hyper-published world of interwebs and social media.


This site allows you to easily search articles, websites, books, movies, even interviews! It finds the information for you, and then cites the work in your preferred format. It collects your citations (alphabetically, of course) and you have the option to download your bibliography at any time. Can you say amazing?!

A brief tutorial:
Step 1 - Choose the type of source from the menu (book, magazine, newspaper, etc.).



Step 2 - Search for your source.

My source was written by Dr. Seuss.

Step 3 - Select your source from the options listed.

Step 4 - Review auto-filled source information and make any changes.

Step 5 - "Add to My Bibliography"

So far, your Bibliography has just been chilling up on the right side of your screen like so -

When you "Add" the work, it will automatically appear in your Bibliography. 
Step 6 - Choose your citation style.

And when you're all done,
Step 7 - Download, save, or copy and paste your complete, alphabetized Bibliography to your paper or project.

All done.
No one will accuse you of being a dirty, rotten cheat because it was so stinking easy to cite your sources that you probably went a little citation crazy and added more than you needed! 
Carry on, my little researchers. Change the world!

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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