And the Winner Is...

We watch them on TV. We hear them recapped on the radio. We see clips and interviews on the web. How cool would it be, though, to attend an awards show in person?!

Oh, to see celebs walking down the red carpet, potentially tripping or sweating or cursing. [which they never show you on TV] And to see what is actually happening during commercial breaks. [haven't you always wondered what they're up to for 10 minutes at a time, 18 times during the show?]

Everything always looks so glamorous.

And then the after parties?! Not that I, an average minion, would be invited, but this is fantasyland so work with me here. I am always fascinated to see how tall [or short] starlets are when you IMDB them. Imagine meeting a Hollywood Hunk only to discover he's 6 inches too short!

I'm not particularly picky with this dream. The Oscars, the ACMs, the Golden Globes, the Teen Choice Awards. Anything like that will do.

If I should win a trip to one from the radio [seems like they're always giving them away], mayhaps I'd invite you. Then again, maybe not. If I go solo, do you think I'll have better chances of hooking up with Gerard Butler at the after party? o.O

I know it is more traditional to "give up" something during Lent. I guess you could say I'll be "giving up" reality for just a little bit. The next 40 days (and posts) are dedicated to dreams. So we're giving up limitations, fear, uncertainty.... and allowing ourselves to dream no matter how wild or crazy or out-of-this-world that dream might be! 

40 Days of Dreams 

Day 20: Learn a new language.
Day 21: Make a difference.
Day 22: Trace my ancestry.
Day 23: Go Greek.
Day 24: Discover something.
Day 25: Visit Ireland.
Day 26: Throw a singles party.
Day 27: Go ghost hunting.
Day 28: Learn to ballroom dance.
Day 29: Get a professional massage.
Day 30: Go back in time.
Day 31: Satisfy my sweet tooth.
Day 32: Take a cruise.
Day 33: Conduct an interview.
Day 34: Attend an awards show.

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