What I wish I knew a year ago.

Firstly, I am an admitted cyber-creeper. 
Secondly, this includes blogs of people I have never met, such as Carly of TheCollegePrepster.com
Tonight, I found myself on her old blog archive and happened to stumble across this post.
I liked it.
I feel inspired to try it for myself.
Funnily enough, mine starts just the ways hers did.

What I wish I knew a year ago.

1. He will come back again. And again. And again. And again. And again.
2. Even though you think this is good, it is NOT.
3. That certificate program you're in right now that is an annoying amount of work? Nothing compared to grad school.
4. You are about to embark on some crazy adventures that you never imagined you would be a part of... and you will like it.
5. You're going to get a tooth pulled here soon. Don't worry. It heals fine. And the bill doesn't turn out to be that big of a deal. You will get to eat ice cream and chips without pain ever again (or at least for a year).
6. Enjoy your roommate. You only have a few months left together as living buddies.
7. You will find time to read for pleasure again in the Fall. You help to start a book club. It's still going strong. :)
8. Quit using the word "never" and keep up the working out/running thing. Your spring break at the beach would benefit from it greatly.
9. You are going to play sand volleyball this summer! First official team sport in years. You will like that too, even if it is all the way on the south side.
10. Trust your gut. A few occasions are going to arise in the next few months that will make you question what you're doing, where you're going, and what you want. Listen to yourself. We would be much better off in 2012 if you would have the courage to stand up for yourself now. 
11. In a little less than a year from now, you will be buying plane tickets to Europe and sending off for your passport! Shocking, right?! You're finally going! 
12. Things are going to change -- at work, in your family, in your love life, in your living situation (you even get robbed!) -- and though it's often initially upsetting, it is not usually bad. In fact, for the most part, I have to tell you things have changed for the better. Well, except for maybe Facebook. That might actually be going downhill, sorry to say, but you'll learn to love Twitter!
13. There are a few people who have barely entered your life, and many more that you haven't even met yet that you will consider some of your besties in a year's time. Get excited! They rock. ♥
14. Death is going to become very real, very soon. 
15. Hang in there. This next year is going to be bumpy. Actually, some parts of it are going to downright suck balls. But you can do it. You survive! I promise. Just, hang in there, kiddo. And have faith.

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