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1. Pick up the car at Dublin airport and drive up to Belfast, staying the night there! We can get ideas on what to do from Chris.

2. Belfast to Cashel = 3 hours 15 minutes. 
Cashel is a city in Tipperary County and is directly on our way to Cork. Tipperary city is about another hour out of our way and I'm worried about out time frame that day, trying to get to Cork to see the Blarney Castle as well. Let me know if stopping in Tipperary Co. is just as good as the city, lol. 

I would love to stop at the Rock of Cashel (http://www.cashel.ie/tourism.php?sect=Rock%20Of%20Cashel)! It looks amazing! This is a spot I think I would really like to fit in. It costs $5.30 EUR for the tour. 

3. Then there is a small stop about 20 minutes off of our route to Cork called St Patrick's Well. Neat little place, nothing I can't live without, but thought it would be a neat site on the way if we have time.

4. Cashel to Blarney Castle = 1 hour 15 minutes.
Blarney Castle has a lot on the property, looks beautiful. http://www.blarneycastle.ie/. I would love to spend some time here. They are open 9am to 6:30pm and it costs $12 EUR. I am just concerned about getting here in time to enjoy it. We will have to leave fairly early in the morning that day to make the above stops and still spend some time here. The tour includes the Blarney stone as well :). We can purchase these tickets in advanced. 

5. Blarney Castle to Cork = 15 minutes
Here are a list of hotels I thought would be nice and are right in the heart of the city:
Killarney Guest House - seemed really cute. Its $50 USD for the night. 
Bru Bar Hostle - A 3 bed private is $22 USD for the night.
Acorn house - One night is $38 USD. Cute place.
Garnish House

Let me know which one you like the best. The prices are total so don’t forget that it will be split between us. Of course if you find something else let me know, but I really like the location of these hotels. I would like to reserve asap to get good prices J

6. Cork to Dublin = shortest route is 2 hours and 35 minutes. The coastal route is 5 hours. That’s a pretty significant time difference so if we want to spend more time in Dublin it might be better to go the shorter route. I know I want to get some sightseeing time in…

Ideas for Dublin:
I think the Dublin Tour Bus would be a neat way to see the city quickly.

Ideas for places to stay: 
Avalon Place
Oliver St. John Gogarty
The Times Hostle – I am a little drawn to this one. A 4 bed is cheaper than the 6 lol. Pretty high rating.
Four Courts Hostle has a great rep in Ireland it seems. This is my next favorite. This also has a shuttle to the airport = saves us money!

With the hostles I’m leaning more towards a 4 or 6 person room. I want to experience the hostle thing but still get sleep when we are ready too lol. Check out the prices and tell me what you think.

Turn in the car when we get to Dublin so it’s one less day to pay for it.

7. Fly to Bristol from Dublin via Ryanair
So I’m voting to leave on the early flight. It sucks, but we will have more time in the UK and London and there is so much to do there! Price is $26 EUR. Awesome! With a checked bag the total came to $41 EUR.

To Do List:
Car for Ireland - reservation
Blarney Castle ticket
Cork hotel reservation
Dublin hotel reservation
Tour bus tickets (if we want them)
Flight to Bristol, UK

Enjoy friend!!

I think I can safely claim that I have the very best travel buddy of all time. 
And birthday #25 is going to be my very best birthday of all time.

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