Super Bowl Weekend [episode one]

Location: Broad Ripple

This weekend is Super Bowl 46 in Indianapolis!
So last night, rather than attempt the craziness that was downtown, Amy and I headed out to Broad Ripple. 

We got gussied up (I felt extra adorable for some reason) and then hit the town! 

We asked a guy to take our picture. He took my camera, hollered over to his buddies and said, "Hey! Get over here! They want you in their picture!" Though we didn't recall making such a request, we went with it. It turned out really cute!


After Brothers, we headed to Casba. Tony (as always) was good to us. The only weird thing? No smoking.... I don't think I've ever left Casba without feeling like I've smoked at least a pack of cigarettes. It was nice, though. And the best part was probably the people with the blow-up-boombox. 

Yeah. It rocked.

Having to work Saturday morning really puts a damper on Friday night activities. 
However, even more shenanigans are in the works tonight as we head downtown to see the sights the night before the Super Bowl! 
Please keep us in your prayers.

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