I may be a bit of a bad kid today because while I was updating addresses on our system at work this morning, I was also prowling around the web, checking out areas of interest for life post-2012. 
   To be fair, it takes several seconds for an updated account to save, so I was only peeking back and forth because the other option was sit and stare at the "save" screen until the account was finished updating.
   That being said,
oh my gosh
there are so many jobs out there!
   People (including me) thought I was crazy to start a Liberal Arts Masters and not even know what I really wanted to pursue career-wise.
   Let me tell you something, I officially love this degree because I can literally do just about anything I want in the nonprofit world.
   Now, my wants may be a bit different from some other people -- like I'm not really trying to be a development officer or HR or public health administrator -- but event planning, volunteer coordinating, community involvement, career services, horticulture and preservation of land and gardens... All of those things are within my reach! How incredibly cool is that?!
   I saw a position today to be an organizer of a major arts festival in the summer.
   I also saw a position that included lots of travel and social media (read: I could get paid to Tweet and Blog! Unreal...) promoting Open Knowledge, and their offices are in LONDON! Aaa!

   I may be putting the horse before the cart here, seeing as I've still got a few semesters of classes, research, and drudgery to get through before I can officially do these things, but it's all so exciting! I can't seem to help myself. 
... and maybe I'm spending my lunch hour perusing the IUPUI Resume and Cover Letter resourcesI'll definitely be sure to keep you [job] posted!

What about you, dear readers? 
   Where does your heart go when you think about your dream job? Where does your mind wander when you think of the place you've always wanted to visit or live? Anything I can do to help you get there? 

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