Pre-Game Show

Hello blogosphere!
Amy and I are sitting cozily at Terminal B15 awaiting our ear-popping, time-traveling flight to Denver!
We were a bit early to the world-famous Indianapolis International Airport, so we grabbed some McD's and settled in. 
First things first, of course, I had to make a pitstop at the restroom. Twice.
When I came back, Amy looked up and said under her breath, "Can we please face the other way? Can we use the seats behind us? Please?"
I followed her eyes back to the cute, perky, bubbly, Barbie blonde girl chattering nonstop to a sweet old couple by the terminal check-in. 
From a few rows away, we have now learned that her brother's birthday is in April and her's is in March but her grandma ("I mean, I love her, bless her heart") mixed up the birthday cards! And somebody in her life is less-than -motivated ("not very ambitious, you know?") and her cousin has hair just like hers (Yeah. You know, it's blonde and not really curly and yeah. She has hair like I do"). The little old man is clutching a novel I'm sure he hoped to enjoy while waiting to board the plane. Apparently, she plopped herself down in front of them and said, "Oh my God! I'm going to Denver! To visit my boyfriend!!" and it's all been downhill from there.
Otherwise, super quiet on the airport front this afternoon. 
Check back often for more updates in the Adventures of Sarah and Amy: Denver Edition... 

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