Personal Record?

Three-a-days are bit much on the blogging front, even for me.
Ah, well... I guess I've got a lot to get out today (in a completely non-Mucinex-y kind of way).

What a crazy few days!
Saturday, I did not make it back down to Super Bowl Village. Instead, I went to find a hot pizza for dinner and proceeded to drop my [brand new] phone on the sidewalk, and completely end its capabilities. This led to a bit of a freak out... I think I might have even said a few swear words. It was rough. Too many things piling up at once with no outlet, I guess.

Needless to say, I was feeling less than social. I couldn't get a hold of anyone anyway, so I planned to sit at home with a bottle of blackberry wine and The Grudge. Amy talked me into to venturing to the south side to a little dive joint called CGs in Greenwood.
It was tough to shake the frustration at first, but then we played pool [read: let the boys win] and there was live music and it turned out to be really fun!
Sunday morning... Well, Church is back on the agenda. It slid a bit in the last few weeks, but it's climbing back up the list of priorities. 
Sunday evening we headed downtown to watch the Super Bowl at Pri and Renee's. What a blast! The med students know how to have fun.
Then Leslie and Kris got there, and we walked around downtown after the super sweet Patriot's loss. Leslie talked us into to a quick stop at Taps and Dolls (It's only a $5 cover, guys!). We danced and laughed and got molested by men in super hero costumes.

Monday morning was rough. In case you lost count, that's
Friday night
Saturday night
Sunday night.
Go big or go home, I suppose.

[wait for it]
I finally applied for my passport!

And then I took a three hour nap,
did no homework,
and went to bed at 11p.

Playing catch up at work this week. I haven't been in to our downtown office since before my car was stolen. The stack of work on my desk was incredibly intimidating. I mean, it's nice to be needed, but dang. ... 
The surprise department luncheon was pretty cool though. Such good food! And I like the people I work with. There's something about the nonprofit culture that takes the edge off of all that corporateness, knowing that you're all fighting toward a common goal and not competing quite so much for the biggest profit margin. It's refreshing to work with people like that, who care, you know?
And I got a good workout in after class tonight!

The rest of the week is shaping up to be wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am.
Class after work tomorrow night.
Laundry and homework Thursday evening.
Friday, making sure everything is packed and ready for Denver!
I work Saturday morning, and then we're headed to the airport!
I literally can't believe how fast that time flew.... Shew!

In case you missed any emo-ness lately, I think I'm experiencing a bit of emotional turmoil, knowing why I scheduled this trip in the first place. It's painful. And you add tired and drained from that action packed weekend and not being able to use my phone and waking up 3 or 4 times a night to see if my car is still parked outside -- well, it's kind of a perfect storm, you see. Add to that the fact that I haven't even been able to get a copy of the police report to submit to my renters insurance because all law enforcement resources were centered downtown, and that Dish Network is going to charge me for the receiver that I reported stolen anyway... Oh, don't even get me started on money.
So, I blame this brief lapse into sorrow and longing on extraneous circumstances.

When I think of the sweet, loving things I said to him that last night... on New Year's. And he accepted them all, knowing that he was involved in a situation that was going to rip my heart out... Trust me, I'm just as ready as anybody to be over this whole mess. 
So, if that means I have to be slightly ridiculous and depressing on occasion, so be it.

Okay, enough of that.
Time for a bedtime snack.
And a hot shower.
And sleep. Sweet, glorious sleep.

Goodnight, Moon. Tomorrow promises to be brighter (and possibly snowy!).

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