The Next Thing on My List

At book club today, we discussed The Next Thing on My List. 
At the end of the novel, there were discussion questions and suggested activities for group members.
We tried this one:
JUST ONE THING. Have members write down five small tasks that are things that 
(1) they enjoy doing,
(2) have never done before,
(3) used to bring them joy but they don't get around to anymore,
(4) they are afraid to do,
(5) they think they don't like.
What they write should be absolutely doable given their current financial status and schedule. Set the goal for each person to accomplish at least one task before the next meeting.

My List 

I recommend the book, especially to a girly reader. And I highly recommend this List Writing Exercise to anyone. 

What would your list look like? I hope you'll commit to completing JUST ONE THING in a month's time!
[and you better tell me all about it, of course]

Ready.... Go!

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