A Mixed Bag

Welcome to my "Monday."
My days off of work are Sunday and Monday, so my week officially starts on Tuesday morning, bright and early.
Today is weird. I was so productive yesterday. Okay, actually I slept in until 10 am, which never ever happens. It was quite glorious.
But after that, I was super productive. I did laundry, homework, cleaned, got some groceries, went for a jog, and got most of my renters insurance claim together. I felt pretty good.

This morning, though, I'm afraid I may have missed an assignment in our online class. 
I remember seeing it. I think I remember doing it. I just don't have any record of submitting it and I don't have a grade for it yet.... So, that worries me a bit. I wrote to the prof. We'll see what happens, I guess.
I also spoke with the police again yesterday because my Incident Report wasn't up-to-date, and I need it to be accurate for the insurance company.  Which means I have to buy another report. If I can get myself downtown during business hours, get metal detected and patted down, and stand in line, I can have a copy of the report for 4 cents. If I order it online and print it out, it costs almost $8. What the fudge-cicles, man? So, debating that dilemma.

I also have a culture paper I should write before class tonight, and another dreaded R2R I can submit tomorrow.  Ugh. It's not hard. It's just not fun.

Last Friday after work, I attempted to plate my car.  
The Title work isn't in the system yet though, so I have to wait until the dealership gets it taken care of on their end before I can do anything. 

Dish Network still hasn't charged me for the stolen dish, so I can't submit that charge yet either.

I have my first car insurance payment in a few days - 
sad. I have my first car payment AND car insurance payment combo next month - double sad.

So, today I am a mixed bag of emotions.
In some ways, I'm really taking care of business! 
In other ways, I am dreading what feels like the tallest mountain of stuff I've ever had to climb. And it just seems to be getting steeper and taller.

Ahhhhh. Okay. Deep breaths.
Remember to take things one step at a time. There are no big problems. Just a bunch of little ones all grouped together. 

Exercise: Find the Positive

  • I did really enjoy blogging about my first slow dance yesterday. Brought back some good times and good memories.
  • My roommate and I watched it last night and I loved "crazy, stupid, love." And I have a new found attraction to blondish boys with shy grins and doe eyes. /le sigh
  • I am wearing one of the adorable little sweater dresses today that I found before vacation and I really like it. 
  • And there was some long overdue catching up this weekend with old friends!
I finally saw Monica on Sunday afternoon. It feels like it's been years. 
Funny story --
The last time I saw her was right before Christmas. We planned to exchange Christmas gifts, but she forgot mine at her house. I gave her her's anyway because I'm a dweeb and I can't wait to see if people like their stuff and all that. Anyway, she finally remembered my gift on Sunday and it turns out to be the cutest rearview mirror charm that you have ever seen!

"There was a reason I forgot it though!" she said. "If I gave it to you at Christmas, it would have been in your car and it would have been stolen! Now, it can go in your new car!" 

She's so right. I put it up this morning.

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