I have to take a second or two this morning to rave about*
Not only does it track my spending in the budgets I set for myself, send me alerts when I have gone over-budget, and weekly summaries of where my money is going, it does more!

In an unfortunate series of events, I recently lost all parking receipts for work purposes. 
This is a big deal because I get reimbursed for work-related parking expenses, and I haven't submitted a Reimbursement Report since November. Ahh!
For a moment or two, I was afraid I might be out of luck.
It turns out that our finance people are the bomb (which I already knew, but now I'm doubly convinced)! By submitting my bank statements that show the parking expenses, I can still get my money back! Hooray!
Err. Wait.
Remember how I said it's been 4 months since my last report? That's approximately 12,000 pages of bank statement to sort through for these very specific charges.


single time I've paid for parking since I set up my Mint account has a little "Parking" tag next to it.
I open the "Transactions" window, type in "Parking," and voila! A full report of my parking spending all the way back to June.

Total Time -- 35 seconds

Thank you, Mint Makers, for allowing me the use of this incredibly handy, Budgeting for Dummies, free tool to keep my financial life on track!
*I have not now (nor have I ever been) asked to or paid for endorsing I honestly just love it.

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