Looking Down to Look Up

Sitting in this city, a mile above the sea, it feels like I'm gaining a little perspective.
This trip is not what I thought it would be. Definitely not what I was planning when I booked it, and [thankfully] considerably more fun than I feared it might be when those original plans fell through. 
I'm in this city, within miles of someone who has been a part of so many changes in my life. He taught me about love, of the heart and the body. He introduced me to hurt and fear and sorrow like I had never known before. He left me with memories that are silly and beautiful and awful and mean, all at once. 

And yet we are so far apart. 
I am learning how to be [rightfully] angry about things that occurred that I should never have allowed myself to put up with, to recognize the way things really were. I have missed the person I was before he ever came into my life, and loved parts of my life that would be missing without his influence.

And now, Valentine's Day approaches, the first I will spend without him in two years. I started to say, "the first I will spend alone," but that isn't true.

I am so incredibly un-alone. 
I am in this gorgeous place with a great new friend.
Tomorrow, I will literally be viewing life from on top of a mountain.

Everyone updating Facebook and Tweeting about their Valentine's Day plans (or lack thereof) oddly rolls off the surface of me like drops of water on a windshield. Unphased. And so I find myself doing one of my favorite things, looking up quotes.
"Love" quotes have always been some of my favorites, and tonight I read them freely for the first time in months. With a little pain, but also a little hope. Love doesn't change. We change. Our lives change. What we want, have, do, see, need changes. But love doesn't. It is always all-consuming, always blinding, always powerful. Love, as they say, never fails. That is the beauty of it. Why would we ever want to be a part of anything less?

I hope that all of you reading along also recognize the importance of our annual celebration of love. Loving yourself is just as much a thing to celebrate as any other. Call that a single girl's cop-out if you like. It won't phase me. Just another little drop on the windshield.

New life [love and all] is right around the corner. This clear mountain air, the spring sun, and the naive hope of the human heart tell me that it's so... 

Stay tuned for more Adventures of Amy and Sarah: Denver Edition!

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