If The Future Could Talk

If the Future could talk, it would tell you: 
"Hang in there. It's about to get really good."

I read this today on (surprise surprise) TheSingleWoman.com
Wherever we are in terms of singlehood or womanliness, it's a very nice sentiment.
I had a brief but heartfelt chat with my roommate yesterday, discussing broken hearts and endings and bitterness. We both teared up a bit. It's amazing the amount of hurt AND hope a human heart can hold (even if that hope is false). 
"Why?" she asked me, standing in our kitchen surrounded by dish towels and Ralph's toys and Diet Coke cans. Tears in her eyes, her voice choked, she asked again, "Why?"
It's a simple question. It might even be described as the simplest question. 

"Why?" he demanded. 

But she had no answer to give him. 
Sometimes the truth is more complicated than the facts.

And so I explain it to you, dear reader, as I did to my roommate last night. 
The thing that keeps me pushing forward and looking ahead through the trials of my early 20s 
- heartbreak, poorness, being robbed, not knowing what I want to do when I [officially] grow up, falling short of the expectations I have of myself, drinking too much or too often - 
the reason I feel like it has to be worth it in the end is:

  I am not the first and I'm certainly not the last.
It seems safe to say that pretty much every person who has ever reached adolescence has had their heart really broken at some point... and yet they lived. They moved on. They came to peace with it and lived a fuller life for it.
The binge drinking faze apparently fades pretty rapidly at some point between now and 30. 
And by not knowing exactly what career I'm looking for, I keep myself open to a lot of possibilities and experiences that I might forgo in pursuit of a more lofty or precise goal. 
If this is as bad as my life ever gets, 

I have an absolutely wonderful life ahead of me. 
That is not to wish tragedy upon myself (please make a note of that, Powers That Be) but to keep it all in perspective.

The best is yet to come. 
I believe this with all of my heart.
I had a high school English teacher who told us that everyone lied when they told us "high school is the best four years of your life!" 

"The best years of my life were all ahead of me when I was your age.
I have a career that I love. I get to be a mother and watch my son grow up. 
The best years of your life are out there somewhere. 
Don't be fooled."

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