Game Night Returns... (!!)

I am incredibly excited for the return of our monthly board game night on Sunday! 
It was sadly put on hold in the Fall when I started grad school because I figured I wouldn't have time for such nonsense. However, I have discovered that I almost can't live without it!
So many new friends are invited this time, and some regulars that I haven't seen in ages.
Some of the newbies are in my night classes.
"So, what's this Game Night thing?" they asked.
"We have people over to our place and play board games. That's it. It's a blast!" I explained.
"Really? I haven't played board games in ages, but I love them! Sounds like a good time to me."
"Yes. I'll warn you, though... I'm very competitive," I cautioned. 
A few eyebrows raised. 
"I warn you because, although I'm very competitive, I'm not actually any good at the games. So, I lose and get even more competitive and... well, you'll just have to see for yourself."

...oops. I may have lost a few attendees with that super-fun explanation of how game nights generally go. Oh well. Can't say I didn't warn them.
Because I am like the Parker Brothers Hulk, especially when it's guys versus girls. Somehow (and if you ever repeat this or quote me on it, I will hurt you) somehow the boys always win. It's annoying. And they talk a lot of smack, and it's not hard to see that I'm the weakest link when it comes to keeping my Poker face in place and so I get the brunt of it and... Erg. Like I said -- Hulkification.
This time though, the winds of victory are blowing our way. I can feel it.

Let the games begin!

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