Free Time!

"He's innocent!"
"Let him go!"
"We need him out here, free!"

Sometimes, I feel like picketing on the front steps at the Court House of Life and begging for the Powers That Be to release Time. We stay so busy and scheduled these days that no one thinks twice about the fact that "time is money," but whatever happened to "free time?" How does the Value-Added Tax apply to time spent relaxing and enjoying?

In the essence of dreaming big, I freely, openly, emphatically request free time.
I love school. I always have. I like my job. I enjoy taking care of my own apartment that I get to decorate, clean, and stock with supplies as I see fit. I adore driving my new car. There are lots of really great things about my life right now, but free time is definitely not one of them.
I love school - but I spend my day off of work doing homework, responding to forums, and working on research papers.
I like my job - but that one has the obvious issue of taking up 40 solid hours of my week.
I enjoy having my own place - but the dishes don't do themselves, food doesn't magically appear in the fridge [read: it takes time to buy groceries, cook things, clean up afterward], and vacuuming has become a dreaded necessity.
My new car is awesome - but I get to go sit in the license branch after work today (on a Friday afternoon) and see if I can get the thing registered, titled, and plated. 

This is definitely not meant to be a gripe session. Rather, it is intended as an expression of life's busy-ness. Even the simplest tasks take time. 

If reality disappeared for a while and I had 3 months of summer stretching out lazily and languidly in front of me... No alarm clock. Nowhere to be at 8am. Losing track of the day of the week [Is it Tuesday? No way. Maybe it's Thursday...? Oh well, I don't remember. It doesn't matter. Have some Kool-Aid.]. Reading under a shade tree. Spending my lunch hour by and/or in the pool. To just feel free for more than a day at a time. How glorious...

I wonder what you would do with a bunch of free time? Build a boat, maybe? Or take a nap? 

40 Days of Dreams
Day 2: Learn to cook.
Day 3: Find free time.

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