Denver: Saturday Evening

Before we boarded the plane to Denver, we stopped at Champs to find some pre-flight-jitters-relaxers... and an antidote to keep one of us [hint: not me] from strangling a certain blonde 

A lady behind us was experiencing her first voyage through the skies and she was quite vocal about her fears and concerns. Possibly the sweetest man I've ever encountered sat next to her, soothed her worries, and offered her his iPod to keep her entertained and distracted with Christian music throughout the flight.

We had smooth sailing the entire way, even ear popping was at a minimum. The girl sitting next to us was returning to Denver for work but also to visit. We exchanged numbers, and may hang out back in Indianapolis because, she told us, "I've been there for a few months and I have one friend outside of work." Hello, new friend! 

Arriving at the Denver Airport, we were met by Amy's childhood friend, Molly, and her adorable little boy. She dropped us at the hotel, and promised to meet back up with us in a bit for dinner and Saturday night shenanigans.

After checking in, we found our way to the sixth floor. We tossed our bags on the ground, opened the drapes, and we both instantly fell in love with the view from our hotel room. 

We spent a few minutes relaxing, and then realized we were ravenous. After a scavenger hunt in search of vending machines, it was apparent that dinner needed to happen asap. When she got back, Molly suggested a little Mexican restaurant and we headed out. Not wanting to wait 40 minutes for a table, we ended up at the Denver Diner.

It was the perfect amount of cheap and charming. My Colorado Melt was scrumptious and filling, and I was sucking down the water like it was my job since Google warned me hydration in the Mile High City is similar to hydration in the desert. Molly told us she planned for us to hang out with some of her friends who live close to downtown, and we would all catch a taxi over together.

We started out at Brothers [different city, same story] and then headed over to the Cowboy Lounge. 

Lots of country tunes, and some Whitney Houston tributes thrown in for good measure [Rest In Peace].  

Three missing coats, a lost phone, and some jet lag later, a new Sunday morning stirred in Denver... 
[Stay tuned for more updates in the Adventures of Sarah and Amy: Denver Edition!]

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