To Do List January 14 - 16th

   Read for history
   Read for grant writing
   Email classmates about what I missed in Fund Development for Nonprofs
   Visit home (Missouri cousins are here!)
   Have coffee with friends
   Write a reading response for History
   Straighten up around the apartment
   Knit something (Anything at all. Anything as long as it’s a bobbly/wooly/funky yarn I’ve never tried before. And on bigger needles.)
   Finish The Time Traveler’s Wife
   Workout once or twice
   Set up Ralph’s visit to the vet
   Go to church
   Take the Goodwill box to Goodwill
   Nap again
   Find a copy of Definitely, Maybe for my dvd collection

Post Script 
I guess very little changes in a year's time.
January 14, 2011 - [ad-ven-cher]: Sometimes

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