Ties That Bind

What a Sunday.... so far. 
Woke up to Ralph being the little spoon. Such a cuddle monster.
Got up and got ready for church. Amy decided to come today too.
We were a little late, but good golly were we glad we went.
The minister preached about relationships and how people are shocked when things don't turn out well, yet they don't use God's formula for relationships. It was intense. We both cried.
After church, we headed to search for some furniture and decorations and such.
We found cool stuff!

Amy wants to do a travel /
black, white, and red theme.
She's repainting the walls a
dark grey, I believe.
And, well, her last name is Miller. 
This was a necessary addition. lol

My finds included this sweet burlap 
coffee sack (!) and
my new soup pot! It's pretty
much the most adorable thing of all time. 
The baked potato soup we had for lunch
tasted even better for having spent 
time in this little guy. 

We packed up the Christmas tree and sorted out a box of give away stuff. Both of us feel like we've got a new lease on life in this new year. Now, our home is reflecting it.
Alright, I must rush off now. I'm meeting Pri and Renee downtown for 1/2 priced sushi.
I've had more adventures in the past three days than I've had in ages. Maybe they call it heartbreak, not because it's broken, but because it is broken open and set free... Just a thought to ponder.

--later that same day--

Truly scrumptious. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

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