She's A Trooper

I have the best roommate ever. I went to hang out with the guys last night. I took 6 Bud Lights and my bathing suit, since the plan was to keep it chill and hot tub. They had other plans, (proceeded to drop a bomb on me) and I wound up hugging a toilet at OPT. I remember I laid myself out on the cool tiles and thought, "I'm laying on the floor in a bar bathroom right now." Some girls came into the stall. One of them pulled my hair up into a ponytail with her own rubber band. They rubbed my back and told me I was fine, and when I moaned about being on the floor, they said, "Sarah. It's okay. We've all been there at one point or another." They were very sweet to be so kind to a belligerent, drunken stranger. I went from completely fine, having consumed 6 beers in 3 hours, to hitting a wall within about an hour (right around the time Josh showed up and bought whiskey shots and a round and Raj and Deeps weren't drinking, so Josh and I had two a piece). Fortunately, Deeps and I made friends with a cab driver earlier in the night, so he called the cabby and we headed to my home. My roomie helped me into the apartment and up the stairs from the cab. She brought me water and bread and put the trashcan on my nightstand. She took my phone away from me (read: She knows me too well). Today has been rough, to say the least. We tried to visit the winery like we planned but I was miserable. I sat, huddled and shivering, while she shoe shopped. We visited the Vanity Fair outlet, which really had some awesome prices, but I sat huddled and shivering there too. I really thought I was going to die. I even ralphed in the car on the way home. I've managed to lay in bed all day since then. My roommate, though, just left to find hot pizza and a movie. Did I mention she's amazing?
Oh, and I'm never drinking again.

This evening, we watched the new Owen Wilson flick about the Roaring Twenties in Paris and I was incredibly jealous that he was hanging out with the Fitzgeralds, and Picasso, and TS Eliot, and... well, everyone! Then, Hemmingway's character says something like:
All men fear death. It's a natural fear that consumes us all. We fear death because we feel that we haven't loved well enough or loved at all, which ultimately are one and the same. However, when you make love with a truly great woman, one that deserves the utmost respect in this world and one that makes you feel truly powerful, that fear of death completely disappears. Because when you are sharing your body and heart with a great woman the world fades away. You two are the only ones in the entire universe. You conquer what most lesser men have never conquered before, you have conquered a great woman's heart, the most vulnerable thing she can offer to another. Death no longer lingers in the mind. Fear no longer clouds your heart. Only passion for living, and for loving, become your sole reality. This is no easy task for it takes insurmountable courage. But remember this, for that moment when you are making love with a woman of true greatness you will feel immortal. 
From Midnight in Paris

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