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Pondering. Pondering. Pondering.

How do I ever look up at the sky and not find myself completely amazed? It seems simple, right? The sky is the sky, that big blue thing that hovers over our heads and makes it rain sometimes. It's the whole universe. As far as I could possibly see, it stretches on forever in all directions. That's a difficult one for me to wrap my mind around. I always like to imagine coming to the end of the universe, a nice smooth wall of invisibleness, only to discover that there is more. 

And then I get to thinking about all the people that have ever looked up at the sky, past and present. How many of them felt/feel the exact thing I am feeling in this moment? There are only so many stories of human existence. Mine is not particularly unique or amazing. It's just another collection of data, another grouping of facts, another plotted timeline. 

And yet it feels amazing. 

Do you realize how lucky we are? We, who are living, breathing, loving, working, hurting, eating, crying, watching, praying, learning, etc.-ing right now? 

Nothing is set in stone. 
It is not too late. Or too early.
That thing that you imagine is beyond your grasp --the one that just popped into your mind-- well, it isn't. It can be yours.
You can live 1000 lives before it's all over.
You can believe one thing today that makes no sense tomorrow and is confirmed by Thursday. 

That place you've always wanted to live...
That person you've always wanted to ask out...
That job you never thought you were qualified for...
That vacation you don't think you can afford...
That degree that seems too scary or difficult for you to get...
That weight you've always wanted to lose...
The relationship you feel is beyond saving, but you can't seem to give up on... 

[insert your particular dilemma here]

Any second now, you can decide that it begins now. Yes, it's going to hurt. Yes, it's going to suck sometimes. Yes, you will probably want to quit (many times) before it's all said and done. Yes, in some ways, you will fail. And? Your point is? Unless it involved some physical danger, I don't know of anybody who ever died from failing. He cried a little. She hated on it for a bit. They picked themselves up from it, and tried again, or tried the next thing, or did something.

We exist under this giant expanse of sky that has seen it all. We won't shock it. We won't hurt it. We won't let it down. The only thing we really don't want to do is it bore it. Give the stars something to shine down on, eh? When you catch the man on the moon smiling, know that you are part of the reason he's happy to have a front row seat.

As far as I can tell, we get one shot. One go round. Roughly 77 years on this planet, if we're lucky. It is offensive and rude and bad form to waste another second of it.

So... Go!

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