Pistol Annies

Last night, I bought plane tickets to Europe!
I came home from class, talked with my roommate and her friend for a bit, and then I went to bed. 10:30pm tops.
I woke up around 5am and felt compelled to check my Facebook, and then I went back to sleep.
I woke up to get ready for work around 7:40am. I was running late, as usual, because the Snooze Button calls to me.
I could hear what sounded like people chipping ice or snow off of their cars, so I peaked out our front door to see what the damage was.
It was warmish and rainy and no snow.
But also no car.
My car, which is usually parked in our assigned parking space out front, was gone.
My roommate works for a dealership, and she's taken my car a few times to have them check out a coolant leak I'm struggling with.
So I texted her, "Where are your keys?" Weird that she didn't tell me she was taking it, but I went to bed before her so no big deal.
She didn't reply.
So I called, "Hey. Where are your keys?"
"With me, here, in my car. Why?"
"Are you serious? You didn't take my car? My car is GONE."
So I proceeded to search frantically around the apartment for car keys, but none were to be found.
I called our Courtesy Security Officer, but he was on duty and encouraged me to call 911.
I called and reported my vehicle stolen.

Then, I'm talking with my Papaw on the phone, attempting to calm down.
"Yeah, it sucks. Plus, the Dish Network Receiver I have to mail back is in the UPS box in the back seat. If I don't get it back to them in 30 days, they charge me 200 bucks."
"Oh," he said. "Did you switch to cable or something?"
"No, we got Netflix on the Wii---"
"The Wii is gone."
The back patio door has a security bar in place, and when I checked it out, the bar was bent in half, our door is not fully closed.

So someone came into my apartment last night. Walked through my living room, took my Wii, and stole my car with my keys that were hanging by the door. 
I'm not even that upset about the stuff yet.
Just... The fact that someone else was here. An intruder. 
didn't come upstairs.

The police have been here. A crime scene tech guy is on his way to fingerprint the patio door. My roommate is on her way home from work.

I am currently trying to keep it together. 
This is surreal.
I've thought about it before, but now I'mcertain... I'm getting a gun.

Continued... Pistol Annies, Part Deux

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