Money [or the lack thereof]

Money. Money. Money. Money.
It makes the world go around, you know?
Whether you have it or don't have it, it affects pretty much everything you do (at least in this country).
I work for a nonprofit, which I love, and the mission is amazing. Yet, of course, it always comes back down to money. You need it to make more, to accomplish things, to meet the mission.
I am studying philanthropy in grad school, for heaven's sake. And, well, you can guess what is often a topic of conversation - money.
My family never really had a lot of it when I was growing up, and it's safe to say they still don't have any now. They are not poor. In many ways, they are richer than pretty much everyone I know. But they definitely are not rolling in the dough.
And now, some of my things are stolen and it's costing me more money. I see some irony in there somewhere.
I'm attempting to research my auto-purchasing options online, and the fact that I have never overspent or "bought on credit" is strangely working against me.
I've only ever borrowed money for school. Everything else I have I had to 'make it work' or 'do without.' Somehow, living responsibly and within your means and not racking up some major credit card bills makes you a less reliable borrower than others who have that kind of record. *pause to scratch head in confusion* Huh?

That being said, still no word on my car. Filing insurance claims and possibly car shopping on Monday. Hoping I can get a newer, nicer car. And get full coverage insurance [never lose the lesson] and be able to afford the payments. 

My head is spinning.
I have two vacations planned in the next 3 months. I have school and work and my cell phone bill just went up. I may or may not get my Wii replaced, so the TV situation is a little iffy. I'd still really like to get a weapon for protection, and that costs even more money.

Oh, Life, thanks for reminding me that I am indeed still engaged with you. Maybe we should slow down a little? Perhaps this relationship is moving just a little too fast... 

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